Kiro Kosho

Yuzu kosho (aka yuzugosho) is a Japanese seasoning paste made by blending together yuzu fruit zest, chile peppers and salt. This variety of green yuzu kosho is made in small batches in Seattle using organic peppers sourced from Washington State. has a citrusy, salty, spicy umami flavor. Yuzu kosho is extremely concentrated, so just a little bit will go a long way.

Kiro kosho: special spring/summer release
Availability: May through September
Production cycle: May through September
Flavor profile: Made from two types of chilies one of which being yellow hence the name (kiro). This style is more yuzu forward then our other styles with mild to medium heat levels and soft pepper notes from the first of the season chilies.
Best with: This style goes best with garden vegetables, salads, and as vinaigrette base.

*This item is currently sold at Seattle Fish Guys only.




Product Storage

While this product is completely shelf stable and can be left at room temp, we find the freshness is best preserved when held refrigerated or kept in your freezer. This product does not contain any sugars or food additives or stabilizers such as (xanthum gum, ascorbic acid, modified food starch or food coloring) only fresh peppers that are cured in salt. We believe our yuzu kosho will be enjoyed because of its freshness and the unique flavor it brings to any food it is paired with.

How to Use Kiro Kosho

In a dip (add to a bowl of sour cream and mix)
As a meat, poultry or fish rub


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