Okazu Pan

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What is Okazu Pan?

In Japan, okazu pans are known as small grab and go bread that consists of a savory filling, the most popular being curry beef.
All of our okazu pans are made using locally sourced seasonal ingredients including our dough that we make from scratch.

Okazu Pan Flavors

Okazu pan flavors vary by location and availability, but here are some special flavors that you might find.

  • Forbidden Lentils – Our new vegan option featuring local lentils, roasted peppers, and our own yuzu koshio.
  • BPC – Our take on the twice baked potato featuring bacon, salt roasted potato, and cheddar.
  • Salmon Pan – A special okazu pan available exclusively at Seattle Fish Guys on Fridays and Saturdays (maybe Sundays if they last!).

Umami Kushi Salmon Pan

Where to Find Okazu Pan

A limited supply of okazu pan is made fresh weekly and delivered to select locations on Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays. Click below to find out where we deliver our okazu pan!

Where to Find Ozaku Pan
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Japanese Curry Bread Seattle
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