Umami Kushi Seattle Yuzu Kosho

Yuzu Kosho

The best Japanese condiment you’ll find

Umami Kushi produces 2 styles of yuzu kosho that are available seasonally:

Midori is a green yuzu kosho, produced from spring to late fall (our signature product)

Aka is a red yuzu kosho produced in early fall only (shortest production season)

Where to find green yuzu kusho
Where to find red yuzu kusho

Small batch produced locally from certified organic peppers.

What is Yuzu?

The yuzu fruit is native to japan with a flavor similar to that of a grapefruit crossed with a lemon or lime. Most of the fruit grows in Kyushu, where it is used as a specialty for many products and cooking applications. It is in Kyushu where yuzu kosho originated; today it is available throughout all of Japan, found in most grocery stores, neighborhood, markets, and specialty shops. At Umami Kushi we use certified organic peppers from Eastern Washington. This gives our product the freshest flavor and brings a great characteristic of each individual pepper we use.

What is Yuzu Kosho?

Yuzu Koshio, yuzu kosho, Yuzukoshō (柚子胡椒?, also yuzugoshō) is a Japanese seasoning or condiment paste made from yuzu skin or its juice, salt, and fresh chili peppers then allowed to cure between one week to one month depending on the producer. As a condiment it’s versatility can be used for all types of dishes and products. The flavor is spicy with a citrus flavor that is both refreshing and tantalizing to the palette. At Umami Kushi we use certified organic peppers from eastern Washington. This gives our product a fresh flavor and brings great characteristics to each batch we produce. Try yuzu koshio with soup, poached or scrambled eggs, as a salad topping, mixed with sour cream or plain yogurt to create a dip and spread, use as a marinade for fish or pork, it’s also great on fatty foods such as beef rib steaks, roast, pork belly, any types of fish cooked or sushi, poke, fried chicken, lamb, ramen, pho, rice, the list goes on and on….it’s really about the creative imagination of the individual.

How We Make Yuzu Kosho

Our Umami Kushi Yuzu Kosho is made from salt, shishito peppers, jalapenos, and fresh yuzu juice. It is then bottled and shipped to local retailers.

Product Freshness and Storage

While this product is completely shelf stable and can be left at room temp, we find the freshness is best preserved when held refrigerated or kept in your freezer. This product does not contain any sugars or food additives or stabilizers such as (xanthum gum, ascorbic acid, modified food starch or food coloring) only fresh peppers that are salt cured. We believe our yuzu koshio will be enjoyed because of it’s freshness, flavor and balance it brings to any food it’s paired with. Thank you and enjoy yuzu koshio!

Yuzu Kosho Pack Facts

  • Yuzu koshio’s name was created as a way to identify Umami Kushi specific brand
  • Each yuzu koshio jar is numbered base on the units produced from its batch ex: 3/99
  • Our yuzu koshio is made from certified organic peppers grown in Washington state