Seattle Okazu Pan Japanese curry bread

Online Ordering Now Available!

Due to overwhelming requests, we now offer direct access to our okazu pans through online purchase. Available flavors include our seasonal releases which we will update. Online orders are available for PICKUP ONLY from our Rainier Beach production kitchen. Orders must be placed at least 1 business day before pickup.

What is Okazu Pan?

In Japan, okazu pans are known as small grab and go bread that consists of a savory filling, the most popular being curry beef.
All of our okazu pans are made using locally sourced seasonal ingredients including our dough that we make from scratch.

What’s in our Okazu Pans?

All pans start with our fresh made dough, using only water, flour, salt, sugar, and our starter dough. Fillings are made from scratch using culinary techniques derived from Chef Harold’s experience cooking in Japan. We try to focus on local, seasonally, individuality and sustainability. Every pan is handmade and cooked to perfection.

Okazu Pan Flavors

*These are sample okazu pan flavors. Selections will vary depending on the location.

Beef Curry

The original flavor we started with features local beef cooked in rich curry and vegetable stock.

Flavor: caramelized roasted vegetable, rich beef gravy
Ingredients: ground beef, carrots, soy, curry spices, onions, contains dairy

Lentil (vegetarian and vegan-friendly)

Lentils cooked in our vegetable stock.

Flavor: earthy, yuzu citrus, fresh vegetable
Ingredients: lentils, yuzu kosho, onions, carrots, roasted pepper & seaweed

Salmon, Bacon and Potato

Salt roasted potatoes mixed with bacon cream sauce.

Flavor: bacon, slightly smokey, sweet cream
Ingredients: bacon, salt-roasted potato, milk, mild, cheddar, Beecher’s cheese & chives, contains dairy

BBQ Pork

A pork shoulder that is cured in cajun spices and smoked then mixed with chow chow (pickled veg)
Flavor: slightly smokey, spicy, honey, pickled veg
Ingredients: pork shoulder, bbq sauce, pickled vegetable

Caribbean Jerk Chicken

Marinated chicken thighs, plantains & black beans
Flavor: citrus, spicy, toasted bean, earthy
Ingredients: jerk chicken, black beans, roasted yams & plantains

Chicken Adobo

This is our chicken and rice adobo pan inspired by our friends from the Philippines. This pan starts with dough made from ube potatoes then filled with marinated chicken thighs, spices and rice.

chicken adobo pan