Umami Kushi translates to savory skewer from Japanese to English. It is a yakitori/kushi yaki catering company based in Seattle, Washington. My name is Harold and I started Umami Kushi after my experience in Tokyo, Japan where I was introduced to the exciting world of yatai (street food stall) at the festivals and nightlife in Japan.

I was fortunate to work and train at a yakitori-ya (restaurant) in Ginza not far from the world’s busiest sea food market, Tsukiji. After moving to Seattle I decided to bring this experience to life by creating a catering company specific to yakitori and all things kushi yaki. Umami Kushi is based on traditional Japanese techniques and food preparations which I was taught but also incorporates flavors representative of the Northwest.

At Umami Kushi it is my goal to offer this popular street food from Japan here in Seattle. Umami Kushi is a yakitori caterer not a sushi-ya, soba-ya, oden-ya, or izaka-ya. It is a yatai focusing on the art and technique of traditional yakitori. My grill was built for me according to Japanese standards. I import my charcoal and seasonings including shio-koshio (salt & pepper). It is my hope to give an authentic, enjoyable yakitori experience.

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